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For the new range of this italian wine label we designed a new graphic identity able to reflect the main characteristics of the brand such as passion, premium elegance and innovative inclination. 
We established a fine encounter between modern dynamism and classical harmonies.
Lines and lettering tell the story of a noble wine, through a soft and dreamlike tone.


CLIENT: Visamoris
PROJECT: Visamoris Pigato
We was trying to tell a great story coming from a small vineyard in Liguria. We asked ARC'S to express our personality through a layout able to hold together charm and tradition. We was perfectly aware of the task's complexity: we needed a balanced style, something elegant and essential at the same time.
After a few short meetings, ARC's creatives provided us with several proposals perfectly in line with our demands.
We finally felt like we found our unique visual-signature.
(Rossana Zappa - Visamoris Owner)