Nutella Croissant<br>Shopper Journey Strategy


Nutella Croissant
Shopper Journey Strategy

A Fresh Spin in the Frozen Aisle

The new Nutella Croissant rolled in, marking a first for the brand in the sweet frozen breakfast market. Available in two versions in major supermarkets: ready-to-eat, found in the bakery section, and a frozen version to bake at home.

These new croissants offer Nutella Lovers a scrumptious and aromatic experience, perfect for those who won’t do without their Nutella fix, whether they’re home or out and about.

This project has sparked our creativity, ensuring the successful communication of the launch. The hunt for strategic touchpoints, a bespoke shopper journey, and the development of unique assets for approachability and proximity goals have crafted a visibility and awareness kit to back up the brand and its new venture.

The CtA and image use have hit the nail on the head, meeting the client's request: the product is the star of the show, flaunting its flaky pastry with a heart of Nutella, tempting at first glance.

With this debut breakfast offering in the freezer aisle, Arc's has thrown its hat into the ring, showing it spice things up with a brand that reinvents and innovates to keep wowing its consumers with its distinctive taste.

The launch of Nutella Croissant has been a creative exercise with a top-notch strategic impact.

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