Disaronno Sour RTD

Illva Saronno

Disaronno Sour RTD

Canned Elegance

As ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails continue to win over the younger part of the market with their convenience and variety, Disaronno seized the opportunity to spin its classic elegance into something fresh and accessible.

Our challenge was to keep the soul of Disaronno’s iconic amaretto while making it pop for a crowd that’s all about instant quality, in a canned ready-to-drink sour cocktail.

In crafting the packaging, we kept Disaronno's iconic bottle silhouette along with its unique typography and mixed it with lighter, fresher colors. The blend is perfect for easy-going social moments, ensuring it fits seamlessly into various settings, balancing top-notch ingredients and the grab-and-go ease that younger folks love. The result is a premium cocktail ready when you are, no setup needed.

This project has made Disaronno join a new segment, showing that true style doesn’t have to slow you down. Dive deeper into this vibe shift in the project gallery.

Actimel Honey Up Santacostina.<br>Miraculous Branding.

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