For the design of the new cube gums we had two main element of great power to start from: 1) The kicking, fresh and exciting sour-effect 2) A very young audience always looking for new opportunities to have fun.

We immediately thought about a simple and colorful visual style. But still we felt like we needed to enrich it and make it special, original and impactful. We had to express the special fizzy-humorous identity of the product. Simplicity, innovation, fun, irreverence, colors... Wait a moment! What about those vintage videogames from the eighties? 

The general graphic mood reminds of the 8-bit vintage videogames. The de-structured pixel effect efficiently expresses the fizzy feature of the products. Little squares floating in the air evoke a surprising and fresh movement. Moreover, their cubical shape matches the particular chewing-gum's cube shape.   

For the launch of such surprising product, we had to go far beyond the normal standards. We had to think outside the box. So we thought: "why don't we multiply the box?".
We have realized 4 different boxes especially enhanced through a variety of colors.
The solution turns the product into a collectable item, while also making the purchase's experience always different and surprising. 

We associated each pack to a special 8-bit characters, through a special set of brand cards and gif animated files for the digital channel. Each of them represents in a funny way one of the product main features (the fizziness, the shaking taste, energy, electricity). Characters create an entertaining rite of consumption. They also generate a powerful identification between the brand and its audience. 


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