Frecciarossa’s CartaFRECCIA Rebranding


Frecciarossa’s CartaFRECCIA Rebranding

The New Positioning & Communication Design System for Frecciarossa’s CartaFRECCIA

CartaFRECCIA is the leading loyalty program in transportation in Italy with ten million members and more than five billion points disbursed over the past five years.

Arc’s had the honor to take the Frecciarossa traveler experience to the next level, with a new look and storytelling of the five cards that represent the statuses: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and this year's big news: Platino Infinito (Platinum Infinity). This latest card is an exclusive recognition, reserved on merit for CartaFRECCIA Platino members for more than 10 years and ushers in a world of traveler benefits with no expiration date.

The illustrative style chosen for the project is a contemporary stroke that communicates speed, elegance, and design.

A new iconographic system, minimal and evocative, attributes a strongly representative symbol to each status. This new brand language is the foundation of the entire communication of the loyalty program.

In addition, travelers are also rewarded for the most prestigious levels by the new boxes that expand the emotional storytelling of the brand. In this sense, the program claim "CartaFRECCIA, the journey is just the beginning" perfectly condenses the goal achieved by the restyling and the direction pursued by Frecciarossa.

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